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Now introducing the only stock market app dedicated to post-earnings price trend analysis and discovery.

Earnings Screener

Discover trends in real-time or uncover past patterns by filtering on nearly 100 data points.

Curated Watchlists

Simplify your trading process by leveraging our hand-crafted post-earnings watchlists.

Earnings Reminders

Never get caught holding into earnings. Avoid potential disaster by setting a reminder.

What is Earnings

Earnings are the amount of profit that a company produces during a quarter or fiscal year. Companies that report earnings issue public remarks on profitability, triggering speculative trading and rapid fluctuations in share price.

What is an Earnings Winner

The traditional definition of an earnings winner can be summarized as anything that beats an analyst estimate. More technical-minded traders may simply consider stocks that have a positive reaction to earnings.

To us, an earnings winner is anything experiencing volatility and momentum in either direction due to an earnings announcement that presents an opportunity for profit, making you, not the stock, the winner.


Earning Winner provides useful and profitable ways to navigate earnings season. Our app is dedicated to building strategies and locating profitable trading opportunities during earnings season, resulting in a clear path to reliable, low-risk account growth.

Continuation Flag


A sideways post-earnings consolidation period and subsequent move higher immediately following a vertical single or multi-day earnings reaction.

Ascending Triangle


A strong earnings reaction followed by a period of consolidation contained by a horizontal resistance level and higher lows as support.

Post-Earnings Drift

Bullish or Bearish

The tendency for a stock’s cumulative abnormal returns to drift in the direction of an earnings reaction for several weeks following an earnings announcement.

Post-Earnings Performance Tracking

Track and filter up to 10 days after an earnings announcement to easily locate trending stocks in real time or in the past.

Interactive Charting

With TradingView's advanced financial visualization platform integrated into our app, you now have access to the best charts on the internet.

Extensive Data Export

Customize your export by choosing from nearly 100 data points for further research in Excel or any other platform.

Custom and Preset Table Views

Define your own filters and columns to build your own views or utilize our presets to maximize efficiency in your trading.

Preset Watchlists

No time to build your own nightly watchlist? New to post-earnings analysis? Leverage our hand-crafted watchlists.

Preset Screens

Unlock access to the same screens we've been using for nearly a decade to consistently profit during earnings season.





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